Monday, 10 September 2012

@tabloidtroll a perfect example of how bad print media has become. @zelo_street

I wrote a little piece about tabloid journalists and how they are professional liars and cited @tabloidtroll as an example Well @tabloidtroll blew his top and sent me this little dozy and filled with a few lies but also some correction of lies (should that be admission of the original lie. probably not it's not a direct admission).
Now I have stopped laughing I shall go through point by point. Tabloid trolls very first thing to do is correct my misspelling of illness. Always the sign of someone whose only skill in life is good spelling also a sign that they don't have a legitimate argument. Correction of spelling should always be thought of like Godwin's law. Actually here and now I'm making Sir Humphrey's law if you correct someone's  spelling or grammar during an argument you instantly lose any argument I will let @tabloidtroll off this one as it is new.  Of course the irony is he misspells reporter as reported later on but I knew what he meant and wouldn't normally care if it was misspelled if it wasn't for his own pedantry.
It's good to hear the Illness isn't terminal hopefully they stay in remission. Still doesn't reverse the fact that @tabloidtroll lied about @zelo_street claiming that he was mocking cancer no he was mocking a bad journalist who unfortunately suffers from cancer two very different things. But as you can see from the below screenshot @tabloidtroll in a truly sick manner tried to get cancer charities to do his dirt work for him and slander @zelo_street, they all appear to have ignored him.


Next @tabloidtroll claims journalist can't lie for profit since they don't make a profit the publications they work for make the profit. For that statement to be true Journalist would have to work for free there might, might be a few examples of journalists who works for free  but I'm pretty sure the vast majority are either paid for piece work or on a salary. So that is blatant straight up lie by @tabloidtroll. Also the other thing to note from this he doesn't deny that journalist lie just denies they do it for money which isn't true.

His next claim is  "You also forgot -rather blatantly- how the blogger first mocked cancer suffer then a later reported (sic) [reporter] killed abroad." Well he has certainly changed his tune first he claimed that @zelo_street accused this reporter of lying about cancer not true.

 Then when he was held to account about that he claimed that @zelo_street was mocking cancer again not true. finally he now settles on the truth @zelo_street was mocking someone who also happened to have cancer. It took him 3 days or so but he finally rowed back from his lies to the truth. except he then goes on to add the lie that @zelo_street mocked a dead reporter.  Nope, on Zelo Street he asked for someone to send him a picture of Dennis Rice who @zelo_street believes is @tabloidtroll someone sent him a picture which was actually off the late Rupert Hamer once @zelo_street was informed he did the right thing and removed it @tabloidtroll now claims that @zelo_street was mocking the dead. Nope he was mocking Dennis Rice and someone quite possibly you or connected to you sent him a picture of a Journalist who died whilst reporting on the fighting in Afghanistan @zelo_streets only fault was to be to trusting.
Finally @tabloidtroll finishes off with a rant and says I'm blocked. What a shame a liar has blocked me oh dear. Maybe we need a Sir Humphrey's law 2. Blocking someone is an admission that you can't argue against their points and that you are a coward running away from the truth.
@tabloidtroll you are a liar a coward a hypocrite and represent all that is wrong with the British press. You believe you are special and somehow not subject to same levels of decency and morality that everyone else is and now you have set out a mission of disinformation just because some journalists might be held accountable for breaking the law.
From trying to use someone who is suffering from cancer as weapon to lying and then changing the lie as and when you get held to account. You are a sick person and use every underhand trick in the book but the world is changing and the internet allows people the directly challenge your lies and misrepresentations, something that could not happen with print newspaper. Get used to it because your old tricks don't work anymore.
I have added @zelo_streeet to my links to the right check it out it's an interesting blog and it's the least @zelo_street deserves after being subjected to a shower of shit from @tabloidtroll.

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